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Linux System Administration LiveLessons (Video Training)

Linux System Administration LiveLessons
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5+ Hours of Video Instruction

Linux System Administration LiveLessons provides Linux system administrators with the core concepts and practices they need to master in order to work in real-world production environments.

Ben Whaley, Cloud Architect at Apigee, is a co-author on the best-selling Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook, 4/e. He is an expert in storage management, virtualization, and web infrastructure. In this LiveLesson, Ben starts by reviewing the core duties of a sysadmin. He then covers the essentials of working with the Linux shell. After that, Ben explores system startup and shutdown, access control, process control, the Linux filesystem and system logging. Ben ends the Livelesson by covering the essentials of TCP/IP networking and Linux system security. After watching this video, sysadmins will have the essential skills they need to begin managing production Linux enviornments.

Table of Contents:

Lesson 1: Where to Start

1.1 Understand the duties of a system administrator
1.2 Review suggested experience and background
1.3 Explain the history of Linux
1.4 Practice with Linux
1.5 Refer to man pages and online documentation
1.6 Find and install software

Lesson 2: The Shell
2.1 Take command of the system with shells
2.2 Explore shell basics
2.3 Explain regular expressions and shell globbing
2.4 Master file editing with Vim
2.5 Write a basic Bash script
2.6 Discuss other important scripting languages

Lesson 3: Booting and Shutting Down
3.1 Bootstrap the system
3.2 Load Linux using GRUB
3.3 Behold the kernel
3.4 Manage Upstart
3.5 Review init startup scripts

Lesson 4: Access Control, Accounts and Rootly Powers
4.1 Understand the Linux access control model
4.2 Switch between accounts
4.3 Add users and groups
4.4 Elevate privileges using sudo
4.5 Maintain the home directory and automatic shell startup files

Lesson 5: Controlling Processes
5.1 Review the components of a process
5.2 Understand the lifecycle of a process
5.3 Send signals to processes
5.4 Use ps and top to inspect and monitor processes
5.5 Browse the /proc filesystem
5.6 Trace system calls and signals with strace
5.7 Schedule commands with cron

Lesson 6: The Filesystem
6.1 Understand the Linux filesystem
6.2 Organize the filesystem hierarchy
6.3 Understand file types and attributes
6.4 Manage access control lists (ACLs)

Lesson 7: Log Files and Syslog
7.1 Explore Linux log files
7.2 Manage syslog
7.3 Rotate and condense log files
7.4 Centralize logs and use logging services

Lesson 8: TCP/IP Networking
8.1 Linux's versatility on the network
8.2 Configure TCP/IP
8.3 Configure DNS
8.4 Troubleshoot networking

Lesson 9: Security
9.1 Secure a Linux system
9.2 Use SSH for secure remote management
9.3 Configure a Linux firewall


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